Art for the Montessori Classroom

Art for the Montessori Classroom is a complete art curriculum that makes art easy for even the non-artistic teacher or home school parent.

Created by Gini Newcomb, a Montessori teacher. The curriculum was developed from fifteen years doing art with children in the Montessori classroom. Gini attended the Kansas City Art Institute and holds a BA in Studio Art with a Minor in Art History from the University of Missouri at Kansas City~ which she combined with a practical application of the Montessori method and the joy of doing art with children.

240 pages of information for setting up the art area and integrating art into the classroom or homeschool curriculum. Click on the Table of Contents thumbnail below.

Complete instructions are given for setting up each art activity, list of supplies needed, and the complete process or demonstration. The lessons are in the Montessori style- On a tray to be chosen as individual work.  As with other Montessori work, the emphasis is more on process than finished product. The demonstration is given to teach the process and proper use of the materials. Once the demonstration has been given it is important to allow the child freedom to be creative and express him or herself as long as the materials or surroundings are not being abused. The finished product will be a true expression of the child - a unique combination of the materials, the process, and the child’s own spirit and creativity.

  Click on the thumbnails below to see pages from the book.

             Table of Contents                     Children will learn ...                   How to Use this Book

                 An Overview                      Elements of Art-Texture                Principles of Design

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